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Welcome To Jeff Hardy: 2 Xtreme

This site is dedicated to the one & only Jeff Hardy. The Unique High Flyer from North Carolina. This site is a little tribute to Jeff so I hope you enjoy it and come back soon.

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Site Born: May 2002

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"Beware of Falling Dreams...Beware of Rising Dreams" - Jeff Hardy

February 14, 2005

Here are the results for the Full Metal Mayham match that took place on 2/13/04.

We see the buildup to tonight’s Full Metal Mayhem match between Abyss and Jeff Hardy. Abyss is out first with a chair and the chains he always wears. Tables, chairs, and ladders are set up outside the ring. Above the ring two envelopes are suspended, one containing a contract for a NWA Heavyweight title match on a future Impact! Hardy makes his way out to a good crowd reaction, and poses for them. Abyss is in, and brawling starts the match. Hardy tries to take down Abyss, who knocks him down, then misses a leg drop. Hardy ducks out of the ring and gets a chair. Hardy sets the chair up, but Abyss ducks out of the ring. Hardy uses the chair to jump the rope and land on Abyss. Hardy slams Abyss’s face onto the barricade and steps, then goes back in the ring and sets up a chair to dive at Abyss again. Abyss hops on the apron and moves the chair. Hardy runs at Abyss who catches him and presses him. Hardy fights out, and cracks Abyss over the head with the chair. Hardy sets up the chair, and runs at Abyss, but Abyss gets an arm up and counters. We want tables chant from the crowd. Abyss goes out of the ring, goes for a ladder, Hardy is out, punches Abyss, gets knocked down. Abyss sets up two tables near the ring, then gets another from near the announce table. Hardy is trying to set up a ladder in the ring as Abyss puts the third table onto the first two, then goes for a fourth table and sets it up with the other. Abyss gets in the ring, grabs Hardy, sets up for a power bomb, Hardy fights out, hit’s a Whisper in the Wind on Abyss. Hardy goes for the ladder, Abyss grabs it, Hardy sandwiches Abyss in the corner with the ladder, then hit’s a Van Dam like surfboard kick with the chair using the ladder to hit Abyss right in the face! AWESOME! Hardy sets up a catapult using two ladders, but Abyss grabs him, sets Hardy on the top rope, Hardy counters and jumps onto one side of the ladder slamming the other into Abyss’s face. Hardy punches Abyss, runs at him, but Abyss counters and tosses Hardy over the ropes, Hardy lands legs on the table and back on the concrete. Hardy is in pain, Abyss goes out, picks him up, Hardy fights him off, grabs a chair, and whacks Abyss. Hardy gets slammed face first onto the ramp, then Abyss gets another table and sets it up on the entrance stage. Hardy is up, hits Abyss with a twist of fate on the ramp, then another. Hardy goes into the crowd, gets on top of the entrance set, then dives back first onto Abyss, who has conveniently laid onto the table. Hardy heads to the ring and Abyss tries to follow. Hardy grabs a big ladder, and tries to get it into the ring. Abyss is crawling to the ring. Hardy sets the ladder up as Abyss crawls. Hardy gets the ladder placed right, and climbs for the envelopes. Hardy grabs one, but its empty! Abyss is trying to climb, Hardy kicks him off and sets the ladder up and goes for the other envelope. Abyss grabs Hardys leg, pulls him down. Hardy is tossed over the rope onto the four tables set up earlier! Abyss climbs the ladder and grabs the envelope for the win!

Winner: Abyss

Credit: Lords of

November 20th 2004
So it's been a while huh? I still LOVE Jeff and I hope to try to update more for you guys. I still get emails and stuff from Jeff fans telling me how they love the site, etc and asking when I'll update. Well life has been so hectic lately that I haven't had time. I do have a new job now though which will allow me more time so expect an update sometime soon. Thanks for the continued support. Keep watching Jeff on TNA!